A list of Anand’s passion

1. Preserving & creating ancient Temple art.

(Yeah, that’s the whole list)

The Temple Architect

A sculptor guruji walked up to Anand and asked him, “What is your ancestral caste?”
Anand was nearly 45, and he had never thought to ask this. He immediately called his mother up, her answer was: Vishukarma. Anand Sai belonged to an ancestry of possibly the first temple architects/sculptors in the world.

Anand Sai, always had an affinity for temples. Only in his mid-forties did he get the chance to explore his passion in its truest sense of it. He took a break from everything and set out to learn about temple creation. He stayed in different temple towns and with various sculptors across the country to learn the art. He bought books about the Aagama Shastra, while he could never read them, he would look at the pictures and grasp it immediately. Something that usually took years to master - came to him like he was born to do this. He knew the Shastra like the back of his hand.

He created temple sketches at 4 am or during meetings in mere moments - these were accurate, precise, creative, and stuck to Shastra + architecture rules without doubt. He beat companies with years & years of experiences with hand drawn sketches. No 3D models, or expensive presentations. Nothing. Simple sketches, a vision & his heart in the right place was all he needed.

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