The Buddha Chakra, Amaravati

Anand Sai’s Role

The City of Amravati was set for redevelopment in a bid to make it a Temple Tourism hotspot & to help the local economy thrive. The State Government invited Anand to present his ideas for this redevelopment along with many other big architects/companies. Anand was always a one man army at these meetings in his simple attire while all others came in their suits, teams & big presentations.

Every team had a bunch of grand ideas that were visionary in its own right, but some unrealistic and nothing really gave the redevelopment team an “Aha” moment.

He walked in with ease, asked for the one thing they wanted people to remember Amaravati for, the immediate response was: Buddhism. Anand took 5 minutes to think this through - and presented his sketch.

The Buddha Chakra represented the Buddhism in its most simple and most complex form. Anand strongly believed that this would retain the essence of Dharma in its truest form and it would be a reminder to all who knew of Buddha & his teachings. This was the only project approved for over 500 crores and to generate lakhs of jobs. It is going to be at the center of the city with 5 wings to it.

Today, the world’s largest Buddha Chakra is all set to come up in Amravati. The locals are eager & the economy has already begun to flourish.

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